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Name: Hathor

Gender: Female

Records last updated: Sep 04, 2013

This animal is not for sale.

Hathor was purchased from Gary Crain in 2008. She''s a very well-mannered and gentle girl who loves her FT rats. She''s dark in color, and has a peculiar small bump on her nose that has always been there (possibly a past injury--she has some scars).

She produced her first clutch for us in 2009, laying 7 eggs, 5 of which hatched.

She produced her second clutch here in 2010, laying 8 eggs, 8 of which hatched.

She produced her third clutch in 2011, laying 8 eggs, 8 of which hatched).

She produced her fourth clutch in 2012, laying 7 eggs, 3 of which hatched (due mainly to incubation issues).

She produced her fifth clutch in 2013, laying 6 eggs, 2 of which hatched (2 DOE, possible moisture issue).

Sold in September 2013, due to her hatchlings being often nippy.

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