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Some of our available animals

Deposits and Payment Plans

Animals may sometimes be reserved with a deposit if they are not yet established. We pop new hatchlings, but the rate of accuracy is lower on the very tiny newly-hatched babies, so this is rechecked a number of times before the animals are ready for their new homes. If an animal on deposit has been mis-sexed, the deposit will be returned on request. A return on deposit will also be offered if the selected hatchling proves to be a difficult starter (taking longer than 2 weeks to accept a first meal after its first shed), or develops a really nasty temperament (snapping every time it is reached for). Animals on deposit will be available for shipping once they have eaten on their own 3 times, and have had a few days to digest their last meal.

We occasionally accept payment plans. The first payment in a payment plan represents a sale contract--the buyer has agreed to purchase the animal, and is obligated to make all remaining payments. The animal will be shipped or may be picked up once the final payment is complete. If a buyer must back out of this contract, and cannot make the remaining payments, we can return 50% of the total of payments that have been made, after the animal or animals sell to another buyer, and payment is received for them.

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If a buyer does not fulfill the agreed-upon payment schedule, we may terminate the agreement after 3 months of non-payments or partial payments. Again, 50% of the payments made will be returned, after the animal is sold to another buyer. We prefer to work with someone who has run into financial issues than to take a step like this, but we cannot run a payment plan over the course of an entire year. Animals that are not paid off in the agreed upon time may be assessed an additional monthly fee of $10 per month for feed, maintenance, and boarding costs. We prefer to work with people who are having unexpected financial difficulties, rather than rescinding the deal.

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