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Some of our available animals


US continental shipping available. We now offer shipping via UPS for lizards or Fed Ex for lizards and snakes. (Snakes can only be shipped via Fed Ex. We are Fed Ex certified to ship reptiles). We are located in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and can deliver locally to Plattsmouth, Beaver Lake, Union, or Bellevue, for free. Small gas fee for delivery to Omaha/Council Bluffs, and Lincoln.

We currently offer shipping of lizards via UPS, and Fed Ex. We have had poor performance from USPS, with 3 shipments on 3 separate occasions arriving a full day late, so we cannot in good conscience use them for reptile shipping any longer. Fed Ex is our preferred shipper, and usually the most economical. We usually ship reptiles using via Fed Ex, unless otherwise requested. Using SYR enables us to ship snakes to your residential address! If you prefer not to use SYR for snake shipping, we are also certified to ship reptiles, including snakes, via Federal Express Priority Overnight.

Snakes shipped directly via FedEx may be shipped to a business address, or to your local FedEx hub for pickup (they cannot be shipped to residential home addresses). Shipping to your residential address is available via UPS for lizards and insects. Shipping will be Overnight Air, in approved insulated boxes. Shipping costs vary depending on distance and weight, but are generally under $90 for Fed Ex. SYR prices are a bit lower, due to their package deal. (Costs range widely depending on distance, and may be as low as $50). Costs for UPS shipping have risen, and may be more expensive than Fed Ex. Please let us know which service you prefer to use. Unfortunately, we have no control over what shipping companies charge for their services, so we can't discount shipping costs. We charge only a $5 fee for the insulated box and heat or cold pack--the rest is the shipping company's actual rate.

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Buyers are responsible for shipping costs in addition to the cost of the animals, unless otherwise stated. Shipping charges include the actual cost of shipping through the company of choice, the cost of the box and packing supplies, and heat or cold packs (if necessary). We charge only actual costs, no handling charges.

Buyers must be aware that animals cannot be shipped during inclement weather. Purchased animals will be held on a normal feeding schedule, for free, until weather permits shipping. In order to safely ship live animals, conditions must be suitable at the origin, the destination, and the primary transfer hub. Inclement weather conditions include temperatures over 85F, Temperatures under 30F, blizzards and ice storms, hurricanes and tornado-producing supercells, or any other event which may pose a hazard to the animals' lives, or delay the package in transit. In some cases, inclement weather conditions may prevent shipping to a residential address, but may be safe for shipping to a Fed Ex hub for pick up. We absolutely will not ship animals during dangerous weather conditions.

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