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Terms and Guarantees

Live arrival is guaranteed on all animals. If a shipping mishap should occur, and an animal arrives deceased, photograph the animal in the shipping box immediately, with a date stamp. Alternatively, if you send me a photo taken with a digital camera within a few hours of the animal's arrival, that will suffice. Please ensure that the animal is clearly dead in the photo, so that there are no questions. The full cost of the animal will be refunded to you, or you may select another available animal of the same price from us to replace it. Shipping costs will be split between us--half the shipping cost refunded if you opt for a full refund, or if you opt for a replacement animal, it will be shipped to you free. These incidents are very rare, and we have not yet had any animal die in shipping.

Shipping in extreme weather is never recommended. We will not ship if temperatures exceed 90F or fall below 30F at either end of the journey. It's simply unsafe to do so, as the temperatures inside the box may fall outside the range the animal can survive. If shipping is required at extreme temperatures, the live arrival guarantee is void on shipments that fall outside of those parameters. Additionally, snow storms, ice storms, and other inclement weather, or extreme heavy package traffic around holidays such as Christmas, may necessitate a delay in shipping. Animals held here due to shipping delays of more than a few days will be kept on a normal feeding schedule, and will be shipped when the weather is more appropriate and a date is agreed on by the buyer.

Live arrival guarantee may also be voided if a customer requires that an animal be shipped later in the week than Thursday, and the package arrival is delayed. Normal shipping dates are Monday through Wednesday. If a box is delayed and sits somewhere over a weekend, this could be dangerous for an animal, so we prefer not to ship close to the weekend.

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We will need a valid phone number in order to ship an animal to you. If you cannot provide one, the live arrival guarantee will be voided. A phone number is necessary for emergency contacts in case something goes wrong during the shipping process. You must be present to receive the package when it arrives, or the live arrival guarantee is void. (If the animal is held at the Fed Ex facility for pickup, then you must pick up the animal the same day it arrives, or the guarantee is voided).

Animals produced and sexed by us are guaranteed to be correctly sexed for four years. (We feel this is sufficient time for any errors to become apparent beyond a doubt). We sex our ball pythons by popping (manual eversion of hemipenes). If an animal is mis-sexed, you may return it at our expense, either for a full refund, or for an available animal of the correct sex. If the animal arrives to us and is found to be of the gender it was advertised as, the shipping cost will not be refunded to you, and you will be charged the return shipping cost if you want the snake back. You will not receive a refund if the snake proves to have been correctly sexed. Proof of this, either via a photo showing popped hemipenes or a photo showing a probe inserted to the relevant depths, will be provided before you are charged for shipping costs. Documentation is important in these cases--if you believe an animal we have sexed as a female is a male, you will need to photograph hemipenes, or show probes inserted to a male depth in each pocket, to avoid mistakes. Please ensure that probing is done only be experienced individuals, so that perforations do not occur that would cause a female to be mis-sexed as a male.

Mis-sexed animals that are returned must be in good health and be sound of body, just as they were received. They must display an appropriate rate of growth for their age and must have been kept on an appropriate feeding schedule (for ball pythons, fed at least every 7 days when not in shed, unless sold as a problem feeder). If the animal is not in good health and weight, or has been injured by probing attempts, you will not receive a refund.

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